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      shipping 基本解釋

      名詞運送: [船]船舶; 船舶總數; 航運,海運


      shipping 網絡解釋

      1. (進出口):負責協調進出口(Shipping)物流安排,確保對MSP的準時交付(OTD)7. 負責ECR/ECN會審,指導PC及MC對量產產品及物料進行控制,親自負責所有EOL(End of Life) 項目(Project)的材料及產品的庫存控制11. 負責SAP系統的PP和MM模快數據維護,

      2. 運輸:國內運輸線 [名] 運輸 [名] 區間 [名] 折扣 [名] 運輸(shipping) [名] 基本 [名] 成人 [名] 費用 [名] 小孩 [名] 大人 [名] 預售 [名] 姨媽 [名] 新年 [名]福 [名] 特別地(especially,

      3. 發貨:IBM的站點試圖在可供貨(availability)與發貨(shipping)上做出區別. 該站點的信息顯示DS8000可供貨時間還是12月3日,但它也聲明全球所有的訂單將在2005年3月30日才開始計劃發貨. 但這個站點并沒有提及DS6000.

      shipping 雙語例句

      1. If this is done, safety procedures specified by relevant authorities and shipping companies must be complied with.


      2. Let our company help you deal with these complicated issues now, our company is approved by the Chinese Government's lawful operation of international air transport, international shipping, international express professional international logistics services company.


      3. We are at home and abroad more than the shipping companies, airlines have established a good business relationship.


      4. We and the major shipping companies have established a good interaction between the business and cooperative relations.


      5. Our company has set up the basis of cooperation with some shipping companies for a long time.


      6. With many famous shipping companies both at home and abroad to maintain a stable and cooperative relations.


      7. Pre paid: Shipper pays all shipping charges; consignee or importer pays import duties and taxes


      8. Which the international passenger transportation center of Shanghai, it is an international shipping center, Shanghai has become an important part.


      9. Buyer pays all shipping cost, paypal only!!!!!!.


      10. We need to know the characteristics and power curves of the WPS as well as the total price including shipping.


      shipping 詞典解釋

      1. 運輸(業);(尤指)航運(業)

      Shipping is the transport of cargo as a business, especially on ships.

      e.g. ...the international shipping industry...


      e.g. The Greeks are still powerful players in world shipping.


      2. 運輸費

      You can refer to the amount of money that you pay to a company to transport cargo as shipping .

      e.g. It is $39.95 plus $3 shipping.

      共 39.95 美元,外加 3 美元運費。

      3. (總稱)船舶

      You can refer to ships as shipping when considering them as a group.

      e.g. They sent naval forces to protect merchant shipping.


      shipping 單語例句

      1. Under the new agreement, the mainland and Taiwan will exempt each other's shipping firms from business and income taxes.

      2. Other economic indicators such as electricity consumption and shipping rates are also climbing, reflecting stronger business activity.

      3. The insurance companies registered in Pingtan may enjoy the exemption policy of business tax on their revenue of international shipping insurance services.

      4. It was originally built near a wharf and became a prosperous commercial center because of its location and the busy shipping business.

      5. Cosco Shipping Co surged the most in four months after Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co upgraded the stock to " buy ".

      6. Transport by plane forms 177 times more greenhouse gases than shipping does.

      7. Shipping the coal by sea is expected to get some of trucks off the road.

      8. The Eurasian continental corridor is considered a favorable choice for cargo transport between the two continents because it takes less time than shipping by sea.

      9. China had 12 of the 20 biggest harbors around the globe in 2010, according to a shipping industry white book published by the Ministry of Transport.

      10. The city wants to quicken its steps towards the international shipping and logistics hub by virtue of the collaboration.